Mr. Krishnamurthy Venkateswaran

Mr. Krishnamurthy Venkateswaran

Chairman and Mentor
Sanitas Hospital


Sanitas Hospital, the brain child of entrepreneur Krishnamurthy Venkateswaran, is a modern private health care provider in Dar es Salaam established in October 2011.


Tanzanians loved the European ambience, cleanliness and standards and Tanzanian prices and supported it in large numbers making it a 24/7 busy and vibrant hospital.





Murthy developed a network of super-specialized surgeons in various disciplines who shared his values and got them to visit Sanitas regularly & perform major surgeries at half the cost overseas.


Patients could be with their loved ones during their most vulnerable moments enjoying their familiar environment and food.  The concept caught on big time and hundreds upon hundreds of Tanzanians have undergone surgeries that may have otherwise been exported or not done at all.


Sanitas, under Murthy’s leadership, is the only hospital in Tanzania that helps people suffering from Lymphoedema lead a near normal life.


In 2017 when Sanitas suffered a major setback that resulted in the loss of 80% revenues for three years, there were no redundancies; no pay cuts; no panic.  Sanitas went about further improving their services and Murthy spoke at various seminars and conferences throughout the world, sharing ideas on how healthcare could be improved everywhere.


Currently, Murthy is doing his Doctoral Degree in Healthcare Management at Otago University in New Zealand while running Sanitas Hospital as its Chairman and Mentor.  His expert team of senior managers are looking after the hospital efficiently.