Mr. Christian Schuhmacher

Mr. Christian Schuhmacher

Chief Executive Officer
King’s College Hospital London


Christian Schuhmacher, CEO for King’s College Hospital London  in the UAE, brings with him more than 20 years of experience in healthcare management, acquired through his leadership roles across various international healthcare platforms, such as University Hospital Basel, Klinik Birshof in Basel, and Mediclinic in Switzerland and Middle East.

Adding to his leadership portfolio, Christian is skilled in strategic and operational governance, overseeing multiple divisions, and participating in public affair functions.

Christian holds MBA degrees from the University of Toronto and the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland and has earned his Master of Law from University of Basel, Switzerland. Since then, Christian has remained employed in the healthcare sector He further enhanced his education with a course in Strategic Marketing Management at Harvard Business School.

He worked at University Hospital Basel for 7 years where he was member of the Executive Board before joining Hirslanden (Mediclinic Switzerland). After the successful expansion of Klinik Birshof in Basel, Switzerland, Christian joined Mediclinic Middle East as the Hospital Director for Mediclinic City Hospital. And was appointed CEO for King’s College Hospital London here in the UAE in 2018.

In his current role with King’s College Hospital London in the UAE, Christian aims to create a unique patient focused experience, offering high quality trusted healthcare, with up-to-date modern techniques and evidence-based procedures. His journey for KCH is not about quantity but rather quality, taking the UAE healthcare offering to the next level.  Ensuring that all levels of KCH personnel desire to put the health outcomes of our patients before anything else.

Christian is married with two children and enjoys living in Dubai. During his free time, he enjoys off-roading, diving and being outdoors in the UAE. His passion for running has seen him partake in running events locally and abroad.  Family and friends time is core to his success therefore he strives to involve his friends and family as much as he can.