Dr. Vijay Magon

Dr. Vijay Magon

Managing Director
CCube Solutions


Designed and built with NHS practitioners using Microsoft’s latest technologies, CCube’s award-winning solutions deliver electronic health records to clinicians, secretaries and administrators in the format they require, when and where they are needed. With a proven track record of project success and expertise working with the NHS over 20 years, providing cost effective and scalable solutions, tailored to meet individual requirements, its software suite is used in some 30 NHS organisations around the UK – delivering measurable benefits, helping to deliver paperless healthcare within 20 months.

CCube’s suite of Electronic Document & Records Management (EDRM) products includes the following modules which can be tailored to suit your needs and expanded from departmental to hospital and Trust-wide solutions:

  • EDRM: scans, stores and views patient notes
  • Forms Recognition and indexing: automatically recognises, classifies, indexes, and presents the digital health record
  • Connect: pulls in patient data from third party systems as it is created
  • eForms: allows clinicians to enter structured data in real-time
  • Workflow: configured to support standard operational processes
  • Portal & Web API: allows CCube to be integrated with third party applications
  • Mobile: access to patient data and data entry using mobile tablet devices

CCube Solutions help organisations digitise legacy medical records and make this information available to clinicians and other health professionals at the point of care.  It supports the Government’s drive that the NHS should be using technology to improve productivity, reduce costs and ultimately enhance patient care.