Dr. Ghada M. El Ganzouri

Dr. Ghada M. El Ganzouri

Head of Business Development & Marketing/ Board Member
Ganzouri Specialized Hospital


She has a profound experience in the professional work as a marketing and Management expert in the healthcare field working for both the private and governmental sectors for over 30 years and She has a Ph.D. in healthcare Management.   She has a joint master in Health Administration from Yale University and Business Administration from the (American University in Cairo) A.U.C.   She is initially a science graduate, electronics and minor computer scinec from the A.U.C.

She is a board Member for the Federation of Egyptian Industries and Head of The Human resources Committee.  She is also Board member for the Medical Export Council.

She is the Head of business Development office and marketing and a Board Member of Ganzouri Specialized Hospital. She  is responsible for Building the strategy of Ganzouri hospital to have a more competitive position in the market through perusing active measures to have a higher quality service and specially its niche areas

She is the deputy of the Union  private healthcare providers and board member and one of the founder.  She is responsible for sectorial development of the private healthcare providers.  She is a main player on the national level to position Egypt as a destination for Medical Tourism .  She has been an international speaker in many workshops and medical Tourism conferences.


She also works as an independent Healthcare Management consultant;    She has worked as a marketing consultant for the U.S AID and WHO.   She has an active role in many strategy development activities on the national level for the healthcare sector conducted by both the World Health Organization and Ministry of health and she was a main member of the  group who is setting the   strategy for 2018 and 2030


She works as an a part time professor for Healthcare management  for the A.U.C .  She has 20 years of teaching experience in management and  marketing in the healthcare field She has   a great interest in the social and NGO’s activities., and was a main member of the Health Committee for the Political Democratic Party of Egypt.  She is a remarkable speaker in many national and international conferences.